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As the snow-covered slopes of Courchevel await, it's time to prepare for Goldbergh's first ski trip of the year. Whether you're a seasoned skier or hitting the powder for the first time, packing strategically is essential for an enjoyable and stylish experience. Our brand ambassadors have shared their favorite ski holiday memories and top styling tips to ensure you're both comfortable and fashionable throughout your alpine adventure.

Carla Ginola - @carla_ginola

"My best winter holiday memory is going skiing for Christmas with my family when I was a kid. We used to go every year and it was the best time of the year. 

My style advice for hitting the slopes? Prioritize warmth, embrace comfort, and let the slopes be your playground of pure joy".

Carla's selection

Claire Rose Cliteur - @clairerose

"One of my finest winter sports memories was the first-time skiing with my husband in Meribel, France. We had a chalet with the whole family. Getting up early, being the first on the slopes, ending the afternoon of course at La Folie Douche.

When it comes to styling on the slopes, I always adhere to: 'less is more'. Keep it simple and stylish, that's the secret to slope-ready fashion!"

Claire's selection

Hanna Schönberg - @hannaschonberg

How did your passion for skiing come about?

"Growing up in a small town in Sweden with a ski slope, skiing was a significant part of my childhood. I loved it and eventually started competing.

The first time I went to the Alps is a standout winter memory. The magical weather, the first run after months, and sunbathing on the slopes with friends – unforgettable".

Hanna's selection

Janni Delér - @jannid

What considerations do you bear in mind when it comes to fashion while hitting the slopes?

"To wear something comfortable and warm, that at the same time looks good because it makes you feel better. I like to match my ski-outfits, that's why I love ski suits, and then match the accessories with it. It looks cool and you feel cool on the slope". 

Janni's selection

Kate Hutchins - @kateehutchins

How do you approach fashion on the slopes?

"I can’t go without the added accessories - as much as scarfs, mittens and hats are practical, I think they also complete the outfit". 

Kate's selection

Paola Locatelli - @paolalct

What’s your go-to fashion tip for on the slopes?

"Wear colorful looks to stand out on the slopes! I love being well-dressed even when I'm all wrapped up and that it's super cold outside. Feel the love on the slopes, enjoy quality time with family that’s what makes it the favorite holiday of the year".

Paola's selection

Stephanie Abu-Sbeih - @stephsa

"My favorite memory: going on a skiing trip and then getting snowed in! I was in Austria, and there was so much snow that we couldn't leave the hotel for a day. At that moment, it was quite disappointing, but looking back, it turned out to be a super cozy day with lots of games and hot chocolate by the fireplace".

Stephanie's selection

Vivian Hoorn - @vivianhoorn

Fun fact: "People might think I'm crazy, but I always love to style my ski outfits with a beautiful brooch or a designer bag. But my favorite thing about skiing is the food. When I'm on the slopes, I'm already thinking about what I'm going to order later". 

Vivian's selection