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One of the ski world's most fiercely feminine brands, Goldbergh is not afraid to be sexy when it comes to designing clothing for women who want to shred in style. "Our collection offers women all the freedom of movement they need to be confident in their sport, whether they're conquering challenges on the slopes or pushing their limits in the gym. Goldbergh brings luxury and fun together in perfectly designed skiwear," says Lieke van den Berg, who founded the luxury ski and lifestyle brand with business partner Sandra Peet in 2009.


"Being born into a family that considers skiing the greatest sport on earth, I have shared this opinion since I first stood on skis at the age of four. The motivation for creating Goldbergh is a passion for the sport and the desire to make women look more beautiful and confident in their skiwear," says Peet, whose family has been in the retail skiwear business since 1976. Loud and proud about her ski-junkie roots and her passion for fashion, van den Berg's ultra feminine, body-hugging silhouettes are ultimately the byproduct of a frustrated skiwear shopper who had to create for herselfwhat she couldn't find in the marketplace.


"Skiing and fashion have always been my two biggest passions, so I decided to make my passion for fashion my profession. When I started out, skiwear was big and oversized, and the baggy "snowboard look" was hot and happening. Being a female skier, I preferred the so called Rennhose look-tight ski pants with a very race-inspired silhouette, but for ladies they were impossible to find. I thought if I am looking for this, there must be more women who would like to look feminine and sparkly when hitting the slopes," says van den Berg.