How waterproof the material of your Goldbergh key piece is, is indicated based on the Waterproof Rating according to the Japanese Industrial Standards. From WP 5,000 mm you can withstand light rainfall and from WP 10,000 to 15,000 mm you will also keep it dry during heavy rain and snow showers and when applying (light) pressure. Material from WP 20,000 mm and higher will not allow any moisture to pass through, even under extreme pressure. 


The breathability of Goldbergh's sportswear is also determined according to the Japanese Industrial Standards. Material with WVP 5,000 to 10,000 g/m² is perfectly suitable during low-intensity (sports) activities and WVP 10,000 to 15,000 g/m² is better suited for more intensive workouts. WVP 15,000 to 20,000 g/m² is recommended for the most intensive workouts.


Goldbergh's (winter) sportswear shows how fashionable function can be. The fabrics we use either have a special coating or lamination, or are woven so tightly that they do not let the wind through, but are still breathable and insulating; exactly the qualities you want from your clothing when you are outdoors. 


To create ultimate freedom of movement and the perfect fit, many of our items contain power stretch. This material provides optimal compression and sufficient tensile strength for durable shape recovery.


Goldbergh only uses down that is Responsible Down Standard (RDS) certified. All RDS down is sourced from animals that were farmed for the food industry, on animal-friendly – and regularly independently inspected – farms. The down is a byproduct that would otherwise be thrown away. In our fillings, we mainly use duck down and sometimes goose down.


To contribute as much as possible to protecting the planet, Goldbergh prefers to use recycled fabrics. For example, we use recycled polyamide and polyester made from PET bottles. For the filling we use Primaloft Eco, which is made of 70% recycled material. We do everything we can to constantly increase the use of recycled materials.


The anti-odor technology in many of our items ensures that odor-causing bacteria coming from your body are captured and blocked. In other words, the bacteria are neutralized before they mix with perspiration, significantly reducing unpleasant odors and the number of washes required.


To ensure the waterproofness of our clothing during outdoor activities, some Goldbergh items have taped seams. By letting a machine melt tape over the seams, we cover the seams and stitching, preventing water from getting through.


With Goldbergh's special quick dry fabric, our sportswear will be dry again in no time when it gets wet. The quick-drying fabric lets air through easily and remains comfortable to the touch during exercise.


Goldbergh's snow boots undergo a special Acquastop treatment. This means that they are impregnated to increase their water repellency. Thanks to Acquastop, rain and snow water beads directly off the boots and has no chance to penetrate.


Goldbergh's swimwear has chlorine and salt water resistant properties. This means that our swimwear is particularly resistant to chlorine and seawater and therefore – in terms of both color and shape – stays in like new condition longer.


The 4-way stretch fabric is used for several ski pants in our collection. Our well known Pippa is made this fabric. 4-way stretch means the fabric stretches in length, width and crosswise. It has a good recovery, which ensures an optimal fit and makes your shape marvelous.


Most of the outdoor items of our Goldbergh collection, like jackets, pants and ski suits are water repellant. It means that water and snow will easily drop off the garments. And will keep you dry for a certain period of time.