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Introducing Claire Rose Cliteur, one of our new brand ambassadors. 'I'm an entrepreneur, an amazing wife (if you ask me) and mom of my four legged baby Billie. Just moved to London! I’m a horrible cook; every time I try, I manage to make the fire alarm go off – a great way to meet your neighbors.'

What do you think are the must-haves you should have in your wardrobe for the winter season? 
I’m absolutely an autumn person. The crispy wind, cosy outdoor terraces and hot chocolate and cream dates are asking for beautiful coats as the main element of my look. A beautiful classic coat is something that you can wear year in year out and is a must have.

How to style the perfect winter outfit?
Layering is key when it comes to styling for the winter season. Using cosy knits as scarves for example. My number one rule is to keep it comfortable and effortless.

Favorite moments of the winter season?
I always look forward to the holidays, taking some time off to be with family and friends and recharge to start the new year right.

Do you like skiing or winter sports? 
I’m the biggest ski fan, so this is an easy question. I’m counting the days to be back on the slopes again.

Which other woman is your inspiration?
My mom and my little sister.